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Magic Leap One

The Magic Leap One is more than just an AR headset. With a powerful set of cameras and sensors, this device is capable of real-time mapping of the environment around you and projecting a virtual world over the real world like no other. Ideal for solutions that cannot isolate the user from the physical space […]

29 de January de 2019

Beenoculus VR Freedom

Using various devices associated with a laptop computer, Beenoculus aims for this solution to enable freedom of movement and precision in the virtual environment. With 110 degrees field of view (FOV) and 90Hz of frame refresh rate, experiences become stronger and more realistic. Technical Specs: Variables are according to the needs of the solution.

29 de January de 2019

Beenoculus Pico Neo

One of the most advanced virtual reality headsets in the world that has embedded electronics and cameras and sensors that allow users to experience 6 Degrees of Freedom and competes with the next generation Oculus GO and the HTC Focus which were presented at the CES 2018 (Consumer Electronics Show). Technical Specs: – Display: 3K […]

29 de January de 2019

Beenoculus Pico Goblin Pro

The Beenoculus Goblin Pro Peak is the most enhanced version of the Beenoculus Pico Goblin line. In addition to having twice the storage capacity, it also has an RGB front camera that allows for mixed and / or augmented realistic applications. This makes the Beenoculus Pico Goblin Pro not only the most powerful choice, but […]

29 de January de 2019

Beenoculus Pico Goblin 4k

This is a similar version to the Beenoculus Pico Goblin 2, but with a powerful 4K display that guarantees higher resolution, clearer and high visual fidelity. Technical Specs: – Display: 4K – Refresh Rate: 75Hz – Memory: 32GB – Tracking: 3DoF: 3 Degrees of Freedom (allows for rotation but not movement) – Processor: The Qualcomm […]

29 de January de 2019

Beenoculus Pico DKS

The Premium VR Headset is a product that competes directly with the Rift and the HTC versions of 2017 because it can be connected to a PC to run applications that require high performance graphics but with the advantage that it has its own electronics embedded in the form of a gamepad-type control which makes […]

29 de January de 2019

Beenoculus Pico Goblin 2

Like its predecessor, the Beenoculus Pico Goblin 1, this is also a powerful all-in-one, yet with enhanced capabilities and more vibrant visuals. With a 3K LCD screen with a 1440×1600 resolution, the Beenoculus Pico Goblin 2 is a fantastic visual experience for the user. Each screen has a 90Hz refresh rate and 615 pixels per […]

29 de January de 2019
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