Beenoculus: Soluções em Realidade Virtual

Beenoculus Pico Goblin 2

Like its predecessor, the Beenoculus Pico Goblin 1, this is also a powerful all-in-one, yet with enhanced capabilities and more vibrant visuals. With a 3K LCD screen with a 1440×1600 resolution, the Beenoculus Pico Goblin 2 is a fantastic visual experience for the user. Each screen has a 90Hz refresh rate and 615 pixels per square inch, giving the G2 a smoother, sharper, and clearer image.

Technical Specs:
– Display: 3K
– TRefresh Rate: 90Hz
– Memory: 32Gb
– Tracking: 3DoF – 3 Degrees of Freedom (allows for rotation but not movement)
– Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

29 de January de 2019

Magic Leap One

The Magic Leap One is more than just an AR headset. With a powerful set of cameras and sensors, this device is capable of real-time mapping of the environment around you and projecting a virtual world over the real world like no other. Ideal for solutions that cannot isolate the user from the physical space […]

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