Beenoculus: Soluções em Realidade Virtual

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We are not alone in this revolution

Big transformations demand big partners that allow changes to happen and to be known by everyone. Together we want to take Extended Reality to a new level.

New partners in innovation

We count on the support of giants of technology to innovate and deliver disruptive experiences to the world.

With operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan and with a deal for cooperation and distribution of their products in Latin America by BEENOCULUS, PICO is one of the XR technology players in the world, counting with more than 200 engineers on their technical team.

Pico project products with designs focused on the best user experience and develops technologies thinking beyond the current barriers of the industry, having developed the first HDM All-In-One VR in two parts and the first HDM VR All-In-One with 6 degrees of freedom and hand-tracking.

Cubo Itaú – the largest and most relevant center of technological entrepreneurship in Latin America – was founded by Itaú Unibanco, in partnership with Redpoint eventures, at CUBO are Beenoculus, Junglebee and Beetools.

Through CUBO we connect to a single place with entrepreneurs, large companies, investors and universities to discuss technology, innovation, new business models, new ways of working, and how to challenge the status quo, aiming for a better world.

A Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a global leader in wireless technologies, signed on with Beenoculus intentions memo for the development of hardware and software technologies in Extended Reality to attend sectors as 4.0 Industries, Formal and Professional Education, Health, Safety and Entertainment.

The goal of the companies is to develop research and action development, pilot projects and prospection of business in Brazil and in Latin America. This is the first deal of the type signed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. with a startup in the entire world.

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Óculos viram ferramenta de ensino

O segmento de educação está adotando os óculos de realidade virtual para incrementar processos de ensino e aprendizado.

Beetools, a startup de educação brasileira finalista de premiação sobre inovação em Madrid

De um total de 3,5 mil startups de todo o mundo, a curitibana Beetools foi uma das 10 primeiras colocadas em Edtechs.

Startup brasileira chama atenção pela inovação na educação

Empresa foi selecionada entre 3.500 para competir em importante evento voltado para Edtechs na Espanha.

Enlighted selecciona a las diez mejores startups Edtech del mundo

Los proyectos han sido elegidos entre las más de 615 startups presentadas a esta convocatoria especial, en concreto un 58% es internacional y procede de más de cuarenta países.

Tudo junto, misturado, real e virtual

A realidade que une o ontem, o hoje e o amanhã oferece poder e simplicidade.

Startup de Curitiba recorre à realidade virtual e AI para ensinar inglês

Beetools inaugura cinco unidades no Paraná neste mês de julho e até o final do ano espera abrir 15 novas escolas com sistema de franquia.