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Complete Infrastructure

We are ready for AR, VR and MR* projects. We count on state-of-the-art equipment for the capitation of images and content production and the most powerful developing software.

5 de May de 2018

Content Production

We have a team of more than 30 professionals that develop immersive activities according to each project: 2D/3D content, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality apps and creative narratives in 360º audiovisual produced by JungleBee.

4 de May de 2018

Software Solutions

We develop software solutions on demand and license our own platform for distribution of the 360º audiovisual content.

3 de May de 2018

Hardware Solutions

We offer the highest technology in VR and AR HMD’s (goggles) and MR simulators, in addition to customized projects, in the end, the solutions that best suits the needs of our clients.

3 de May de 2018

Creation and Content Planning

There is a specialized team to develop immersive activities for the best user experience. We count on specialists in Technology, Language and Institutional Design, in addition to the best creative people and producers at Junglebee. 4.0 INDUSTRY; Corporate trainings; Simulators; VR and AR for production line; Work safety. Customized solutions for training, promotions, computational vision.

3 de May de 2018
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