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Beetools is a spin-off of Beenoculus that has been created with the purpose of revolutionizing the teaching of language. Making use of what is most modern in teaching methodologies, combined with the most advanced immersive technologies; Beetools is a Smart School that will transform globally the way to learn a new language.

24 de January de 2019


Junglebee is an innovative producer of Extended Reality, society created by Beenoculus, the Alana LAB (Marcos Nisti) and the filmmaker Tadeu Jungle. Its objective is to transform the way we communicate and distribute content in the most diverse areas, showing people and brands how to try new ways of communication.

3 de May de 2018

Beenoculus Operational

Beenoculus Operational works with research, development and innovation in XR. With a team dedicated to developing hardware and software solutions, executing the selling and location of VR/AR/MR headsets and simulators, project and implementation of XR infrastructure and licensing of the platform. VR360; 4.0 INDUSTRY; Cooperative trainings; Simulators; VR and AR for production line; Work safety. […]

3 de May de 2018
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